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"Flying"- Music Video By Amy Barbera

"Flying"- Music Video By Amy Barbera

"Get ready to fly with singer-songwriter Amy Barbera as you watch her heavenly "Flying" music she takes you on a journey to the sky, through the clouds and into space dancing on the stars! Amy wrote her heavenly song "Flying" to bring comfort, peace and rest to all who listen. We all have times in our lives when we just want to fly far, far away from here and be at rest and this is exactly what Amy's song and music video is about. Amy prays that her breathtaking and otherworldly music video sets your heart, soul and spirit free to fly! "Oh, that I had wings like a dove; for then I would fly away and be at rest" ~ Psalm 55:6 "FLYING" - Song & Music Video Credits Music By: Doug Hammer (Doug Hammer Composed, Arranged, Performed & Produced) Lyrics & Vocal Arrangement By: Amy Barbera Background Vocals Arranged By: Ben Bagby Viola & Strings By: Ben Bagby Copyright 2015 Doug Hammer (ASCAP) & Amy Barbera (BMI) Music Video Produced & Directed By: Ben Bagby @ BensMediaWorks Music Video Creative Director: Amy Barbera Editing By Ben Bagby & Amy Barbera Production Assistants: Elisa Bark & April Anselona Hair & Wardrobe Stylist: Amy Barbera Makeup By: April Anselona Filmed On Location At "Diversity Performing Arts Center" Lauderhill, Florida "FLYING"- Lyrics I Am Flying, Flying, Flying High I'm Soaring, Flying High I Am Soaring, Soaring, Soaring Free I'm Flying, Soaring Free I Am Flying, Soaring, Flying I Am Soaring, Flying High I Can See The Angels All Around Me In The Sky I Can Touch The Soft Clouds In This Paradise I Can Feel God's Warm Light Surround Me In This Dream, I Don't Want To Leave I Can Feel A Peace, Like I've Never Known I Am Flying, Flying, Flying High I'm Soaring, Flying High I Am Soaring, Flying Free I'm Flying High, I'm Soaring Free I'm At Peace."