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Bee-bamboozled? Dedicated to #savethebees and #humanrights. Bees and other pollinators are declining in abundance in many parts of the world. "Honeybee" is dedicated to the proliferation of bees and informing people how essential they are to the entire food chain. Honey, saving the bees can save our planet! If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than 4 years left to live. -Albert Einstein HONEYBEE LYRICS: (Chorus 1:K&B) Honey bee, be my honeybee Bee bamboozled from your head to your feet Your honey so sticky tastes sweet Be my honey bee (Repeat) (Verse 1:K) Busy bees buzzin’ I love the sound Said the Queen to me What would the world be with no honey? Well, it wouldn’t be sweet (Pre-Chorus: K&B) Honeybee, (you got) hive mentality (groupthink) They steal to eat your honey (While you) collect nectar for free, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah (Chorus 1:K&B) (Repeat) (Verse 2:B) Busy bees buzzing make the world-go round Said banksters n’ gangster to the Queen Smoke ‘em docile as we take their honey, uh Take their energy (Pre-Chorus: K&B) Honeybee, (you got) hive mentality (groupthink) No questioning of authority (As they) create reality yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah (Chorus 2: K&B) Honeybee, Are we just honeybees? Bee bamboozled from our head to our feet? Our energy they need to eat Don’t be their worker bee (Repeat) (Bridge:B) Spelling bee, yeah… spell out your name Fame with no shame, just a victim to the game Harvesting energy to boost up their hive Hexagon shape, try to stay alive Days of the week, hustle hard make us weak Dazed out busy, no words to speak Cut a fiber optic wire, never wanna be a liar Got smoked out, time to put out their fire (Instrumental: Guitars) (Chorus 1:K&B) (Chorus 2:K&B)