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The scars etched upon the souls of those fighting for freedom of speech and belief transcend the boundaries of race and nationality. In different corners of the world, individuals are often confronted with agonizing choices. It's akin to the dilemma faced by a soldier forced to decide between harming an innocent girl or sacrificing themselves in a distant northern land. Or, in the case of a young lesbian girl, the heart-wrenching decision of whether to intervene when her lover is arrested by oppressive regime security forces in a Middle Eastern country or save herself. The torment endured within the white-walled confines of solitary confinement is no easier when a young, tortured girl is finally offered a handful of cherries after years of deprivation. This choice is as profound as the decision to pray or not, a desperate attempt to soothe the souls of countless innocent people massacred in a single day. Yet, amidst these grim realities, there is a glimmer of hope. It emerges when grieving mothers, who have lost their children to executions, torture, or violence in peaceful protests, extend their compassion to mothers who never had the opportunity to bury their own children. Together, they mourn over the collective graves of their sons and daughters. Hope persists, even in the final moments of a young boy's life. As he records a video reportage, capturing the beauty of a sunset and sharing his yearning for better days in his country, he does so just hours before he falls victim to violence during a protest.