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Derin plays the side flute in a little bar in Istanbul far from her family after she graduated from school. She is already not satisfied with her job, as if that was not enough, she is being filled with hate towards the refugees due to the increasing number of them. On the other hand she leaves unanswered by lying the phone calls of her mother, who wants her to pass the exam and be a teacher. Feeling tired and stuck, she has only on purpose now. Leave this country! While she is struggling with these complicated feelings, being friends with her newly moved Canadian neighbor, feels good. Not wanting to miss the opportunity of practising English, Derin helps her new friend find a new house. After a long struggle they find the house they are looking for, in a refugee neighborhood. But Derin finds out that the family of her new neighbor who came from Kanada, once had come to Istanbul as a refugee running away from war and her new neighbor was born in that house. At that moment her mother calls. Even though she doesn't want to, she who has left her mother's calls unanswered for days picks the phone with the confusion of her situation . Will she tell the truth to her mother this time?