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Treat Day

Treat Day

It’s “Treat Day” and Deborah has cash in her pocket and a stocked tuck shop in the lobby of her building. Overwhelmed with options, the cashier steers her towards a candy and cassette tape deal. In awe of being reunited with music from decades ago, Deborah doubts she’ll remember the beloved lyrics. With the concierge’s encouragement, Deborah presses play on the tape player as she leaves for her daily walk in the park. If you’ve ever heard *that* song from when you were young, you’ll recognize Deborah’s joy at being reunited with memories of her youth. She’s virtually transported back in time as she enjoys the sun on her face and the breeze in her hair. The friendly hello of a couple on a park bench. The attention of a friendly dog. The cheekiness of children that charm her candy away. And we are left to wonder, whose “Treat Day” is it?